How to prepare crispy Pani Puri Recipe

How to prepare crispy Pani Puri Recipe

Applying Apica’s productivity, scalability, and accuracy principles, we offer easy recipes for Pani Puri. This approach is designed for those who value time, stability and cost savings and reflects the efficiency of Apica’s range of solutions.

Step 1: Puri’s preparation


Semolina flour

The water is hot

baking soda



Combine the ingredients to form a dough. Let the dough rest, roll it into small discs, and deep fry it until golden brown.

Step 2: Water preparation


Mint and coriander leaves  

Green potatoes

Tamarind infusion

Cumin powder


Regular use of salt

Water for cumin powder

Asphoetida (Hing).

A warm scent

Clean water sources.



Mix herbs, pepper, and water. Add the remaining spices and adjust as desired for a harmonious blend.


Step 3: Prepare the filling


Baked and mashed potatoes

Cooked sauce

Chopped onions

Coriander leaves

Conversation Masala.


Mix potatoes, chutney, and chat masala. Add onion and coriander leaves for freshness.

Step 4: Assembly


Dig a hole in the centre of each Puri. Fill with egg mixture and top with shaped dishes.

Scalability Changes

This recipe ensures flexibility, allowing for quantitative adjustments without compromising taste or quality. Tailor vitamin tiers and ingredients to nearby options, offering an experience tailored for many palates.


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